What we do

Credibility, reliability and confidentiality have been fundamental for our operation from the very beginning. We translate these into effective procedures. This is how we have managed to overcome the test of time. We are fully equipped and manpowered to undertake any order. From jersey to technical fabrics and from beading to laser cutting, whatever the trend we anticipate it. Our dedicated team of designers can either process and develop or create and develop the designs according to your specifications and demands.

All fabrics, garments and patterns are not created equal. But all clients are catered with the same efficiency and excellence. This is our constant goal and earnest commitment. To stay true to them, we have invested in top notch technologies and the persistent education and specialization of our staff. As a result, we customize our processes to ensure we can implement Quick Response Manufacturing and ensure delivery of exactly what you want exactly when you want it.

“Check, then check again and do some more double checking”. It has been our motto since 1965. The first control comes immediately after the cutting of the fabric. Then comes control of the sewing of the garments. The third quality control comes after the ironing and a fourth quality control takes place at the folding department. Furthermore, the extensive and detailed inspection by the Springborn STR Institute of Switzerland, the Greek QCC and Qtex Institutes ensure that each garment we produce fulfills not only your required standards bur ours also.

The final but not less crucial point for a completely successful delivery is of course the delivery itself. Name the time and place. We will be there without fail.


P.O.BOX 60249
T.: +30 2310 467487
Email: info@dimis.gr


Certified by Control Union
CU 1003871